How to Unroot and Completely Restore Back Samsung Galaxy Note5 to its Original Stock Firmware

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have been modified either it is rooted, installed with custom ROM's and modified kernels, it also quite happens that you may need to restore it back to its original factory stock firmware. For some reasons a modified and or rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 5 cannot get any official software update anymore, and you've lost the privileged support from Samsung and or your carrier provider. There are also quite sometime that some unknown issues occurred if your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is running on a modified and non-official firmware. So if some things goes wrong and you've experienced some abnormal behavior of your phone all you need is to install back the unmodified, unrooted and the original firmware.

Is this method will be also useful in any other way?
Aside from root removal and restoring back your Galaxy Note 5 from using unofficial firmware, this method has been also useful for fixing soft-bricks.  Soft-bricks may usually occurred  if you messed-up from attempting into rooting, and upon installing a modified system images that aren't compatible with your Galaxy Note 5.  This issue is also called such as "bootloop" like the phone keeps on restarting all over and over again. Other softbricks problem like the phone freezes or it just stuck at the Samsung Logo and can't boot any further to the home screen. So if you may also have those mentioned problems, you can also simply fix it by restoring back the original firmware and bring back your device to be useful again.

This restoring and unrooting process covers and will work on all Samsung Galaxy Note 5 variants from United States (T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T), Canada (Telus, Bell, Rogers & etc.), to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  Excepting only to those devices with locked "bootloader" as such those devices can't be easily modified.

Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note5 and restore back to official stock firmware using Smart Switch (First Method)

There are two effective method to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note5. The first method is by  using Samsung’s owned app called “Smart Switch” that allows Galaxy Note 5 users to back up and transfer files but it also capable for restoring the Galaxy Note 5 official firmware. The Smart Switch is the replacement of Samsung’s “Kies” that can be use on Galaxy Note 5 and latest Samsung Android devices. We are going to use the Smart switch apps that can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. Though this method will work to unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note5 but sometimes it will not work as it only depends how your Galaxy Note5  being modified. But you may try this method first, unless we still have a the second method down below by means of flashing back the official stock firmware directly into the device.

Download Smart Switch:

  • Smart Switch for PC and Mac
  • Make sure that your Galaxy Note 5 battery is fully charged.
  • Use the supplied USB cable for your Galaxy Note 5.

Once the Smart Switch has installed in your computer simply  run it as administrator, then simply connect your Galaxy Note5. Click the “Backup” icon to back up your important data first and foremost such as Contacts, Messages, Call Log, Videos, Music, Photos, Application and etc.

Next, click on More… option, once the backup has made. Choose “Emergency software recovery and initialization” from the drop-down menu.

Then select the “Software Update and  Initialization” tab.

You may just follow the on-screen instructions like the ones that will ask you to proceed or cancel. Then wait until it says Software update and Initialization are complete.

Once your Galaxy Note reboots, you may then disconnect and reconnect the USB data cable. Then lastly restore the previously back-up files by clicking the “Restore” icon.

However, if the Smart Switch firmware update and initialization method will not work on your Galaxy Note 5 anymore, you can try the second method below.  The process is something similar to the above equation but this time around we are going to forcefully and directly install back the official firmware on our Galaxy Note 5.

Just follow this guide: How to Install Galaxy Note 5 Factory Stock Firmware. This method allows you to directly install the stock firmware into the device manually.