Friday, September 2, 2016

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 Update N920VVRU2BPG5 Adds Advanced Calling and new Galaxy features

If you're Galaxy Note 5 is from Verizon then you might have also received an update today. The update is said to which will now enables the Advanced Calling support, and also brings the new Galaxy features that will also support the Barcode Beaming, and a new ways  for images and file sharing. However, the update removed the Amazon Music app, but the said app can be installed manually by the user itself thru Google Play store.

Changelog details:

Features and or Enhancements
  • Advanced Calling
  • New Galaxy features:  Barcode Beaming, share images and files.
  • Removed Amazon Music

Technical details:

  • Device:  Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note5
  • Model number: SM-N920V
  • Android version: 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)
  • Baseband version: N920VVRU2BPG5
  • Kernel version: 3.10.61
  • Build number: MMB29K.N920VVRU2BPG5

This update is being held available via Over-The-Air OTA update and through Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant.

How to Update the Galaxy Note 5 via Over-The-Air (OTA)

The Over The Air (OTA) update requires you to connect your Galaxy Note 5 to a strong Wi-Fi network to avoid high data charges. Ensure that your device battery is fully charged before performing the software update.

From the device Home screen, simply touch Apps.
Touch the Settings (gear icon).
Touch the System tab.
Touch About device.
Touch Software update.
Touch Check for updates. It will then prompts you to the new software update.
Lastly, touch the Install button, then OK.

Source: Verizon [support]