Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Verizon Galaxy Note 5 New Security Patch OTA Update to build N920VVRU2OJ3

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has received the monthly Android security patch update treatment. This update has bumped up the latter's Android 5.1.1 Lollipop OS build from N920VVRU2AOJ2 to N920VVRU2OJ3. Since this update only bringing in the said most up to date Android security patch for the device, that simply means that there are no any noticeable changes or any adverse effect to take place once the update has made. The only thing you might notice is the new entry added in about device that says something like "Android security patch level" to which also indicated the date as to November 1st.

Technical details of the update version: LMY47X.N920VVRU2OJ3

  • Android version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Baseband version: N920VVRU2AOJ3
  • Kernel version: 3.10.61-5966591
  • Build number: LMY47X.N920VVRU2AOJ3


  • This software update has been tested to optimize device performance, resolve known issues and apply the latest security patches.

Previous update:

  • Android version: 5.1.1 Lollipop
  • Baseband version: N920VVRU2AOJ2
  • Kernel version: 3.10.61-5966591
  • Build number: LMY47X.N920VVRU2AOJ2

  • Samsung Pay
  • Advanced Calling 2.0
  • Multi Endpoint
  • Enhanced Conf Calling
  • VoWiFi
  • UHQA (HiFi Audio)
  • Live Video Broadcast
  • App Edge
  • ALM fix
  • Wireless charging fix
  • Security patches

This update is being held available via Over-The-Air OTA update and through Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant.

How to Update the Galaxy Note 5 via Over-The-Air (OTA)

The Over The Air (OTA) update requires you to connect your Galaxy Note 5 to a strong Wi-Fi network to avoid high data charges. Ensure that your device battery is fully charged before performing the software  update.
  • From the device Home screen, simply touch Apps.
  • Touch the Settings (gear icon).
  • Touch the System tab.
  • Touch About device.
  • Touch Software update.
  • Touch Check for updates. It will then prompts you to the new software update.
  • Lastly, touch the Install button, then OK.

Support pages: [1][2]